Reliability - Condition Monitoring

Fluid Condition Monitorng

It has been estimated that 85%-95% of hydraulic system failures can be traced to fluid condition monitoring related issues.  Hydraulic fluid operated systems account for a significant proportion of equipment used in oil and gas, marine and energy industry applications and the unpredictable nature of hydraulic system failures can have significant cost implications.  These include costs associated with lost production, replacement of damaged system components, frequent fluid replacement and cost of fluid disposal, and increased unplanned maintenance costs.

Hydrasun offers fluid Condition Monitoring solutions that are in line with industry’s requirement to reduce Planned Maintenance Routines (PMR) and deliver cost reductions while ensuring equipment operational up-time.  This enables our customers to implement an intelligent fluid condition monitoring and on-line condition monitoring reporting system which reports equipment operating efficiency and therefore avoids the requirement to undertake equipment maintenance and down time.  Therefore, fluid condition monitoring delivers reduced maintenance costs and improved equipment utilisation and up-time.