Mobile & Field Support Services

Hydrasun's Mobile & Field Support Services have been developed to provide the speed of response and back up support necessary to minimise on site "down time" associated with customer equipment failures that result in substantial expense and delays.  Our mobile and field support services can also include Specialist Technical Services for on-site support. 

Mobile Support Units

Our Mobile Support Units are equipped with the latest hose assembly equipment & stock for on-site hose and small bore tubing manufacturing and replacement.

Rental Equipment

Hydrasun stock a range of tube fabrication and hose assembly equipment that is also available for lease, a more cost effective solution to buying.

Managed Inventory

With a clear focus on driving end-to-end supply chain efficiency and ensuring our customers receive the right parts at the right time, Hydrasun has developed innovative managed inventory solutions that include the use of vending machines, consolidation of multiple parts into the supply of a single kit or sub-assembly and  lineside supply of customer orders.

Containerised Workshops

Containerised workshops are available with a wide range of stock products and are fully fitted with the latest hose assembly instrumentation & piping systems.