Hydrasun Hydrogen Skills Academy launches Energy Transition Training Solutions

24th October 2023

In a strategic move, Hydrasun has collaboratively engaged with government, industry stakeholders, academic institutions, and established accreditation and standards bodies to provide comprehensive training and competency assessment solutions for an ever-evolving workforce within the "All Energy" sector. This initiative seeks to bridge the skills gap between traditional high-carbon industries and the emerging hydrogen sector, aligning the skillset requirements with the rapid pace of innovation whilst ensuring we embed a clear competency framework to the skills transition.

Located in Aberdeen, the purpose-built Hydrogen Skills Academy is dedicated to developing and supporting the energy sector's workforce transition. This involves retaining and enhancing the existing talent, retraining and upskilling individuals to meet the demands of the "All Energy" workforce, attracting young talent possessing relevant skills, and renewing future and non energy specific skill sets.

Building on our extensive knowledge and experience, we now offer a range of Hydrogen specific classroom-based, practical, and competence assessment training programmes. These programmes encompass Hydrogen Small-Bore Tubing Instrumentation Systems Installation, Integration & Integrity, Gas Panel Build & Integration, Pneumatic Pressure Testing Safety and Hydrogen System Leak Detection.  We also offer Hydrogen Safety Awareness training courses for executives / non-technical delegates, engineers, and technicians.

Our Hydrogen based courses can be conveniently accessed on our website which links through to our new online booking portal, where you can also make online bookings for Hydrasun existing accredited technical training courses.