Hydrasun BV leading the way in Parker LNG Nozzles

4th August 2020

Hydrasun BV leading the way in Parker LNG Nozzles

Hydrasun’s Rotterdam branch has recently been accredited by Parker to be the world’s first service centre to inspect and maintain Parker Kodiak LNG nozzles.

Strong growth in this product line, combined with our focus on customer needs, has enabled us to develop this service provision.  The Parker Kodiak nozzle is proven to have an unrivaled lifetime and with regular maintenance services we continue to support our customers to optimize the product replacement period. 

Of paramount importance in the alternative fuel supply marketplace is safety, quality & reliability.  Hydrasun’s bespoke solutions for LNG refuelling dispensers have been developed specifically with these needs in mind.  These include specially designed and manufactured hoses and their single action connect / disconnect Kodiak nozzles and receptacles.

As a fuel of the future, LNG, is growing within the waterway transport, maritime and offshore markets. Hydrasun offers special composite LNG hoses up to 8” and ERC systems for safe bulk transfer.