Hydrasun acquisition into Germany to grow further sales in the clean energy market

30th March 2020

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 1st April 2020, Hydrasun completed the acquisition of Parcom Präzisionsarmaturen GmbH. This acquisition allows Hydrasun to establish a strong strategic position in the German marketplace.  With its location in the middle of the industrial cluster in South-West Germany, Parcom is a specialist provider of instrumentation solutions to a wide range of leading companies in the petrochemical and automotive industries.

The German market is known to be one of the leading and most advanced countries in Europe with respect to clean energy provision, including hydrogen, LNG and CNG. With this new operational presence in Germany, Hydrasun is well placed to  further grow its position in clean energy and further demonstrate its commitment to supporting the global energy transition.  Hydrasun is already known as an installer of integrated hydrogen fuel cell technology solutions and provides various product & service solutions to LNG and CNG applications.

The combined capabilities of Hydrasun and Parcom will also provide German customers with improved service levels through access to the wider Hydrasun Group’s range and size of off-the shelf products and added value service solutions.