Shell - Integrity Management Services

Customer Shell UK Ltd

UK North Sea

Customer Requirements
  • Lack of formal process and controls to manage major contributions to HCR leaks
  • Compliance with industry guidelines & Shell procedures
  • Integration of results from inspection programme into Maintenance Management System
Hydrasun Solution

Standardised Integrity Management process for FHAs and SBT across all assets through development of risk based inspection programmes, delivered & managed by skilled personnel.  Combined with a web based Integrity Assurance tool and integration of data into Shell Maintenance Management System.

Improved production efficiency through preventing potential equipment and plant trips from failures of production critical FHAs or SBT
Demonstrate formal processes and controls are in place to maintain FHA & SBT integrity
Ensure compliance with legislative requirements and industry / Shell guidelines
Reduce potential hydrocarbon loss of containment and improve asset performance
Sustainable improvement in safety and environmental performance
Reduced overall life cycle maintenance costs
Shell - Integrity Management Services Case Study