Cape Holland - Pile Driving Umbilical

Customer Cape Holland

Shah Deniz Project, Caspian Sea

Customer Requirements

Cape was contracted by BP to install jacket piles on the Shah Deniz project in the Caspian Region. In usual circumstances the operation of the Cape VLT would include the use a bundle of rubber hydraulic hoses and electrical cables, consisting of numerous lengths joined together to achieve the desired length for the project application...

Hydrasun Solution

Hydrasun engineers carried out several design analyses before coming to an agreement on the optimum solution that would meet all of Cape’s requirements. The final design comprised 12 x ¾” ID hydraulic hoses with a working pressure of 345bar and 3 x 8-core electrical cables with tensile strength reinforcement...

Engineering design
Short delivery lead time
Flexibility of manufacturing
Project management
Cape Holland - Pile Driving Umbilical Case Study

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