Agencies not on our Preferred Suppliers List

Recruitment agencies / professional recruiters are instructed NOT to contact Hydrasun employees directly in an attempt to present candidates.

We request that all recruitment communication is sent via  Please do NOT submit CV’s until all contractual terms of business are agreed.

If you are not on our Preferred Suppliers List (PSL) and we have not provided a specific role for you to work on, please refrain from submitting any CV's unless Hydrasun has agreed Terms & Conditions with your organisation, and we have further instructed you to work on a role on our behalf.

Please note we are not accepting any further agencies onto our PSL at this time. Should we look to make any amendments to this, we will only work with those who have respected our submission guidelines and have formally agreed T&C’s.

Agency agreements will only be valid if held in writing and signed by an approved representative of Hydrasun.

Agencies that are on our preferred supplier list with terms agreed

Should Hydrasun require agency support on a specific vacancy, the recruitment team will ‘open’ roles up to your business.

Please DO NOT submit CVs to Hydrasun on a speculative basis without first receiving instruction via a member the recruitment team.  

We ask that all CVs are sent directly to the recruitment team and not to hiring managers or any other member of staff without formal approval to do so.

Should you not to follow this process, then please understand that we will review our PSL and continue with agency partners that have followed our submissions guidelines.